What should we wear?

Bald Eagle in Flight


Keep in mind that these are tips only. The real answer to what you should wear is: whatever makes you feel comfortable!


See what you can do with complimentary colors and color-families. Everyone doesn’t necessarily need to be wearing the same color. Use one or two base colors, and then compliment those with different shades. Black and white can also be really fun and timeless. Bright colors can be used but use them sparingly.


Clothes should compliment the subject and not be a distraction. For example, a large logo on a shirt may distract from the more important subject. If something jumps out, try to avoid it.


If you’re looking for images that are classic and timeless, you may want to avoid patterns, however, if more modern and trendy photos are what you are looking for, appealing patterns may work for you. For group images where you want some patterns, use one or two patterns as a base and then use matching solids to coordinate the rest of the outfits.


Pay attention to the belts, shoes, socks, accessories. These details can determine whether you like a photo or really like it. Accessories like belts, scarves, and hats can really enhance an image but at the same time, try not to overdo it. Women, please help us men out and make sure we wear the shoes that look good instead of the comfortable ones.


Items like chairs or a couch can make an image fun. If your family is into certain activites or has pets, etc. feel free to bring things that have meaning for your family. We wouldn’t have to use them in all of your images but they can make some images fun. Seniors and teens, items that help define you and the things you like to do can make your images fun as well.


This is a question that a lot of us are interested in. Dark clothes tend to be better than light clothes and are better at hiding problem areas. Long sleeves and pants can help to appear slimmer. Shallow v-necks can be more slimming than collared tops or open necks.

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